Entertainment is the theme for this post of random occurances.

 On the weekend I took my daughter and her best friend to see their school friends play in their band.


There is a really nice ampitheatre beside the river with rain trees overarching it. It is a lovely spot to listen to LOUD music.


My Pete flew to Canberra yesterday for work. He is only away for a couple of nights, but I do not like to be alone. It doesn’t feel right to go to bed by myself, so I end up roaming the house at one o’clock in the morning, feeling all lonely and never getting tired. I have been entertaining myself (nicely linked back to theme) by doing lots of quilting. I’m lonely, but highly productive. I am pretty happy with this quilting, done in lime green on a quilt that I have made as a wedding gift for my cousin. The fabric is called chocolate lollipop – I bought it for its name as much as its design!


Lastly, it is still freezing cold here. In this weather my children like to entertain themselves with a good book.


We do have other couches, but apparently this is the only blanket they could find.

Now I have to go quickly, because Sussanah is coming to get me so that we can go and see Ross Noble – a very funny man, performing at our Civic Theatre and that should be highly entertaining!


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13 responses to “Entertainment

  1. It’s so sweet to see how well they get on.

    Love the quilt.

  2. twolimeleaves

    Shame on you! A quilter and your poor babies have to huddle together under ONE blanket – and it’s not even a quilt!! 😉

  3. I was wanting to see Ross Noble tonight as well – but had to go to Charters Towers for work 😦 Was the show fabulous?

    I agree about the cold – I have a scarf that has not left my neck for the past three days!

  4. The chocolate lollipop quilt is AMAZING!
    And your children have great taste in books!

  5. Oh dear, there is something very strange going on in that picture of your gorgeous kids, do you have a three armed daughter? and one of them seems to be coming out of her neck?!


  6. How cold (& wet) is it!?! URGH.

  7. All these years as a Comedy Festival audient and I have never been to see Ross Noble. And I really like him too. Note to self. Go next year. Hope you and Sussanah had fun.

    How lovely that your children like to snuggle up together.

  8. Are you serious? Does it get cold enough in Townsville for a blanket? Or is a cold Townsville day equivalent to a warm Sydney day? 🙂

  9. Beautiful quilt Tracey. Love the schoolies photo. Reminds me of my school days

  10. You Queenslanders need to toughen up! Cold, smold. A photo of girls sitting outdoors in short-sleeved tops does not equate to cold. We Victorians can give you TRUE freezing! I guess it all depends on what you’re used to :).

    I love the quilt. And I thought I was the only one who chose things because of their names… I select nailpolish colours according to the names on the bottles!

  11. Love that bright quilt fabric!
    Nice post.

  12. That’s a super cute photo of the 2 siblings sharing a blanket! My kids would be fighting over it instead of sharing! Ah, maturity will eventually come to my house too?!

  13. h&b

    I love the close relationship your kids have 🙂

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