I am Miss June

The month is nearly over and I almost missed my chance to let you know that this is my month. I am Miss June in the Down Under Quilts 2007 calendar. This Australian quilting magazine has been running a calendar competition for the past few years. Each year they provide a theme and call for entries. Last year was the first year that I entered and it was the first time that I ever achieved competition success with my quilt-making.

I really enjoy interpreting a theme. The theme for the 2007 calendar was Crossraods – very open and lots of scope for interpretation. I love that I have 100 words to write an artist’s statement. I use the whole hundred, because I can never say anything in just a few words!

This is my winning entry and my interpretation of the theme.


It is called Finding the Balance.  I have used the grey, straight downward stripes to represent our work life, the controlled and responsible areas of our lives. The bright, organic stripes coming from the side represent our creative lives. They are not so organised and don’t follow rules of conformity. The bright flowers show that time when you manage to find the balance – those are the days when you actually have the washing all finished and you get to sew as well. I originally drew the flowers as outlines with a star shape inside. When I cut out the first one I realised that a second flower was left in the negative space, so I appliqued those too. This wasn’t planned, it was just a serendipidous discovery – I love that.

There is a lot of detail in the quilting.


I did it on my domestic machine. Now I would use my longarm, but my skills weren’t so well developed then. As soon as I had finished this quilt I told my Pete that I had made a winner. I felt really good about the way it turned out and the way that I had been able to interpret the theme. This little quilt has represented me at several exhibitions, including at International Quilt week in Yokohama and Osaka in Japan.

The day that Erica Spinks rang me to let me know that I had won was the same day that my sister found out that a baby was waiting for her in Taiwan to be adopted into our family. It was a very emotional day! I am certain that Erica thought I was a babbling fool when she rang me. Lots of joyful tears were shed and my Pete took me out to dinner.

The theme for the 2008 calendar is My Secret Garden. My entry for this competition was a winner too – see my name on this list of winners. I can’t show you that quilt – you will need to buy the calendar when it is released. I wonder which will be my month next year!


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7 responses to “I am Miss June

  1. Congratulations! This is a lovely piece. It’s Friday, I’m working – I feel the gray!

  2. Congratulations !! A calender girl. You are clever.

  3. Yay you! 2 yeas running. I think in 2009 the cover spot will be yours.

    Your quilt is of course lovely, and June is the best month because it is my birthday month.

  4. Love that bright clever quilt! Lovely for cloudy cold old June!
    And Yay you for winning again! Cant wait to see the quilt.
    You clever creative wonderful person!!

  5. Congrats!
    Your June quilt is lovely, I love those flowers, and the story that goes with them.

  6. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    And to think I know you!

    I have never known a Calendar Girl before.

    I’ve only ever known Calendar Boys, lots of em, all wanting to date me.

    *Snort* yeah right!

    That is gorgeous, your winning entry. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  7. the quilting on the chocholate lollipops works really well- i like it alot!!
    vicki- i love it! work- pretty much sums up grayness some days huh!

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