Dog and Frog

If you look through the door in my bedroom you’ll see this…

Each day a huge green tree frog sleeps on the window sill beside Thomas. It has been living there for almost a year.

Thomas knows it’s there…

but seems happy to let it stay.

They contentedly sleep away the days.


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22 responses to “Dog and Frog

  1. Ok, ok, I’m very puzzled. How is this looking through the door in your bedroom? What’s the fence thing? Is this looking into your bedroom or out of it? It doesn’t look bedroomy to me. I know you live in the tropics, so …. but I still don’t understand.

    Cute dog/frog thing, though.

    It’s really hot here today! Must be… oh… 23C or 75F or something. Scorching!

    • We have a huge glass sliding door in our bedroom with a security screen on it. All of our windows and doors have screens on them like this. We rarely close the doors and windows, so the screens are essential to keep out the bugs, especially mosquitoes which carry disease. The grill over the screen makes the house locked and safe even with all of the windows and doors open.

      Today it was cold here. Must have been…oh…26C. Freezing!

  2. .. and do all Australian dogs sleep on hammocks? Or just tropical Australian dogs? Scottish dogs sleep in cosy dog-beds (I wonder why?)

    • Lots of dogs sleep in hammocks like this one. It gets Thomas off the ground and lets the air circulate around him so that he is cool. He always sleeps outside. He likes to wander the yard at night. When the weather is cool I put an old quilt out there for him and he sleeps with that in his bed.

  3. 1) That frog is unfeasibly bright. It is a dayglo frog. 2) Your dog is smiling. These are magic things

  4. Thomas looks slightly nonplussed by that frog. As if it were an alien that had landed on his doorstep and he doesn’t know if it is friend or enemy. Smart dog to let a sleeping frog lie.

  5. Now if only we could get people to be so tolerant and laid back!

  6. Grandma

    He is such a beautiful dog. Now if the frog had been holding a ball, it would be a different story.

  7. You really do live in a different part of the world to me, even though we’re both Australian! I like the spirit of live and let live going on there.

  8. I hope he knows NOT to eat it. He would probably croak if he did, and that would tragic in every way.

  9. Ahh Ali, he would only end up with a frog in his throat, he wouldn’t croak it. I’d hop (e) so anyway. 🙂

  10. Rhu

    Amazing. That’s one big froggie and one cute doggie!

  11. Candy Glendening

    Truly amazing! That’s crazy green!

  12. A sweet little good night story for my Margot!!

  13. I’ve never seen grills like that over windows here except in institutional settings to keep people inside. Aren’t the grills safety/fire hazards?

    • I’ve never heard of them being a problem. You can just open them from the inside the same way you’d unlock and open a door.

      Better them than to have the windows closed and die of the heat and humidity!

  14. I love seeing anmimals being ‘out of character’ friends such as this!

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