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Risky Business

Today my son came to me to ask if I had a needle.

“Mmmm, what is it for?” I asked.

“I need to fix my sock.”

“I could just buy you some new socks”, I offered.

“No need, these still fit me. I just need to sew up these holes.”

(He does have his leg propped up on one of the dogs here, but only because Percy refused to move.)

He is such a frugal little guy. He still has $250 in his wallet which was accumulated birthday money from eleven months ago. He says that there is nothing that he really needs right now, so he’ll wait to spend it.

Maybe if he stops risky businessing in the hallways he won’t get any more holes in his socks!

My first song since my blog move….Yesterday I came into the studio to hear this song at volume 500 with both of my children singing along at the same volume. I love it! Enjoy it and sing along.


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Global Warming?

I don’t think so! It seems to me that we entered an ice age…on Thursday. We were enjoying days of 28 degrees C (82F) then without warning Thursday was only 18 degrees C (64F). That is 5 degrees (9F) below our June average. Absolutely ridiculous.

 I HATE the cold. I cannot even describe to you the foul mood which cold weather provides me. Talk to the members of my family and they will gladly tell you. I HATE the lack of humidity that goes with it too. I have spiral curls that turn to frizz. My skin looks like a reptile’s skin. I get static electricity build up that leaves me terrified to touch any conductive object. I feel constricted by wearing too many clothes. I always have cold toes, fingers and nose that simply will not warm up. I don’t want to get out of the warm cocoon that I create in my bed under my three quilts. I hate that the house becomes stuffy because the fresh air is too damn cold to let into the house. I hate that the sun has gone down by 5:45pm.

Luckily this weather doesn’t usually last for longer than a week or so in the tropics. Lucky for those that have to survive my mood. I could never live any where south of here.

Now I come to the great winter con… a warning to all, heed it carefully.

I went to do the grocery shopping with my children- fuel to a winter mood! My daughter found some hot chocolate that she would like to buy. Good idea in this cold weather. It was $6.00, but I agreed. It came in a nice tin and I am a sucker for packaging like that.

 SO…. we took it home and opened it, just look what was inside

It’s just melting chocolate! This is available in the cooking aisle for about one third of the price! Clever, evil marketing genius has caused me to pay $4.00 for a TIN!

It does make a delicious chocolaty drink, but I would suggest that you buy the cheap stuff, so as not to feel bitter as you drink it. Put a cube or two of melting chocolate into half a cup of milk and heat it in the microwave for one minute to melt it, then top it up with cold milk. You had best use low fat milk though, it will even out the calories.

Oh, and who is the winner of my raffle??? Whose name came out of the hat? (I could use the $4.00 tin as a raffle ticket holder I guess) 

 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (drum roll)

Wow, she turned a significant age and won a raffle in the same week. Her cup is brimming over…but not with expensive hot chocolate.


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An Almost Weekly Event

 My son is four years younger than my daughter.  For all intents and purposes, she has finished growing. Her feet have been the same size for five years. She still wears clothes that she bought four years ago.

My son, on the other hand, is growing like a weed. His feet are enormous, he needs new shoes every six months. His wrist hang out of last year’s long sleeved shirts and half his leg shows in last year’s long pants.

He is just a fraction shorter than his sister now. He checks frequently in eager anticipation of the day when he has to look down to meet her eye. It will be a very special day for him, but I’m not too sure that she will remember it so fondly.

She has always taken a very motherly role toward him. In fact, a downright bossy role. He delights in watching her rant about him making her late. He wanders the house searching for a lost shoe, at an aching slow pace, as she melts down into a full rant. I see the sly smile cross his face as she starts to bluster. She has never quite worked out that her best option is to walk away. I have tried to tell her, but I think that she often enjoys the opportunity for a justified rant.

I wonder how his height will change the relationship. I intend to just sit back and watch the dynamic change.

 PS Today is the last day to leave me a comment if you would like to be included in the giveaway quilt. Don’t forget!


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Post 100!!

Today I write my one hundredth post, my first on this new blog.

 To mark this exciting occasion I would like to show you this.


A beautiful new quilt that I made on the weekend using our hand-dyed fabrics.

Want a closer look?


 In honour of my new blog I am delighted to offer this quilt as a gift to one lucky commenter. Would you like it to come to your house? I’ll happily post it to you . Leave me a comment before this Friday. On Saturday morning I will draw one name out of a hat and you may be lucky enough to win this quilt.

Good luck, and thanks for coming to find me here!


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Opinions sought

The beautiful Flo and I have been hand-dying our own quilting fabric. It is good fun, we do it for the pure pleasure of creating colour with our own hands. It is not particularly cheap though. We need to create an income from this process in order to sustain it. If we want to dye more fabric – and we do – then we need to get some money from the stuff we have already dyed.

We had go at selling our fabrics at a market last year, but it was not at all successful. We decided that we would need to create quilts with our fabrics in order to make any sales. Being the smart people that we are, we have realised that our best bet for sales was to make something for children. Here is our first (almost) completed creation.

You can see that I haven’t put the binding on it yet. The quilts are about 1m (40in) by 1.1m (44in). The background is a whole piece and then our original drawings (this one is Flo’s) have been raw edge appliqued onto it. I have then quilted it quite heavily and added detail to the applique shapes. We have used a brushed cotton or flannel on the back to make it snuggly for a little one.

I have quilted ferns in the background because it seems appropriate for dinosaurs.

So this is what I would like to know, dear readers. How much should we charge for these? We are thinking to charge $85 – $95 Australian. This is our logic:

1. We are selling them at a craft market, we think that $100 is a psychological barrier at that venue. They may be worth that, but if no one buys them then it is pointless.
2. We will cover our purchase costs, but not really pay ourselves much for our time. That is the bane of the craft sales world. You are making one off items, you can’t really pay yourself for that until you have a designer name.
3. Selling them (we have made 18) at that price will give us enough funds to buy PLENTY of materials to make more.
4. We enjoy making them and are happy for this to be a self-sustaining cycle – sell them to make more – rather than an earth-shattering business to put us onto the rich list.
5. We want each one that we make to be unique. We don’t want to take orders to re-make these ones. We want to design quilts that match the fabrics we dye because we love the serendipitous nature of hand-dying fabric. This is pure fun for us and we would like it to remain so.

Given all of that information, would you buy one of these for your son, daughter, granddaughter or grandson. Would you think that paying $85 to $95 would be a reasonable price for a hand-crafted original item purchased at a craft market. Please give me your honest feedback. (See that email address up there? Use it if you feel you have a lot to say.)

Oh and by the way, if you see one that you love, but can’t come to the craft market in Townsville at the end of July…make me an offer!


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