Post 100!!

Today I write my one hundredth post, my first on this new blog.

 To mark this exciting occasion I would like to show you this.


A beautiful new quilt that I made on the weekend using our hand-dyed fabrics.

Want a closer look?


 In honour of my new blog I am delighted to offer this quilt as a gift to one lucky commenter. Would you like it to come to your house? I’ll happily post it to you . Leave me a comment before this Friday. On Saturday morning I will draw one name out of a hat and you may be lucky enough to win this quilt.

Good luck, and thanks for coming to find me here!


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24 responses to “Post 100!!

  1. twolimeleaves

    I do love a fellow turncoat! You won’t miss blogger. Congratulations on hitting a century! And I’m subscriber No 1 (I never win at anything, so that feels like an accomplishment!).

  2. Congrats on reaching 100 posts 🙂 I’ve updated my link to you.

    That’s a really pretty looking quilt there. I’d love to enter the competition!

  3. redslippers

    tracey, this is beautiful! i looove the quilting on this- it adds a funky edge to the girlyness. i wish i could enter the competition, but that would kind of be cheating.

  4. redslippers

    oh yeah- welcome to the wordpress club!

  5. computerpeach

    Welcome to wordpress – your next step will to be hosting your blog on your own domain with wordpress – but for now, you will love the ease of wordpress!!

    The quilt is gorgeous!! I know someone who would be honored to have it (ME!!!).

  6. Lesley

    Congrats on the century post. Just love your fresh hand dyed colours, wish I could be that creative. Good luck for July, can’t be there, so please enter me in your generous give-away.

  7. Welcome to WordPress! You are now part of the BMW (Blogger Moved to WordPress) crowd and we’re not snobs at all! I’m still learning about the power of WordPress (see, for example, my Trackback Tutorial post) but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any queries about your new platform.

  8. Wow Tracey! Congratulations on your 100th post, & your new residence.
    I would be honoured to have a quilt made by you!
    Hehe, just a hint!

  9. Congratulations you centenarian! Cute quilt btw.

    I’m intrigued (being a relative newcomer to blogging, I have no idea about this)…why do people shift across to WordPress? Is it a lot better?

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post!! Love your quilt!!
    Would love to have my name in the draw. thanks

  11. Vinda

    Congratulations on your mile stone.

    Wow! I love that pink quilt! The color is fantastic & the quilting is wonderful.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Could I be so lucky???

  12. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Well. Put me in the hat at least.

    Congratulations on your 100th post. I forgot to keep count of mine until I’d already missed the ‘ton’ I will update my blogroll with your new address.

  13. soozadoo

    Have updated you and I suppose it’s like all those competitions where family can’t enter and considering you just gave Imojen a quilt(soft blanket as she calls it) last week I really shouldn’t complain

  14. Look what happens when I am away for a couple of days – you up and move house! Gorgeous colours on that quilt – I would love to be placed in the draw.

    What’s this wordpress thingy all about? I’m off to update my bloglines 🙂

  15. *delurking*

    I have to be in it to win it don’t I?? Heehee… I love the new look and have thought about moving over to wordpress myself…

  16. Hey there Tracey, congrats on your 100th! I would love to be in the draw for that gorgeous quilt, pink is soooo my colour! I like the look of the others too that you plan on selling, you need to get an online catalogue going you know! There are some of us, (not naming names, but ME!) who cannot quilt, but would use and love them and would give them good homes, if only we had a chance!

    So anyway, back to the freebie quilt, I am sure the other readers are worthy, oh sure they are, but are they as worthy as me? I got pipped by your sister on the last quilt I loved, from which I have never fully recovered…no, not implying anything, just saying, that’s all…

  17. LOVE that quilt! And welcome to WordPress. And congratulations on 100 posts! Looking forward to many more 🙂

  18. BTW, if I were to win, there’d be no postage costs, as I’m a Townsvillian also (not that I’m trying to have an edge or anything…)

  19. Congrats on the move! LOVE the quilting,how fabulous!

  20. Vanessa

    So, so gorgeous!! Your fabulous creations make mine seem pitiful. Then again maybe I can be inspired!!!

  21. Have never received mail from Australia….hmmm. What could be in this lovely, intriguing package with the kangaroo stamps—I can dream, surely?

  22. Loving your new space…
    I think that the colours of said quilt would fit really nicely in with the colour scheme of my room or my daughters….and I am a Townsville girl too….nothing wrong with an edge!

  23. Just thought I’d let you know you may have made a mistake for the draw of this beautiful quilt. You said it would be drawn on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. Phew lucky I checked , I could have been too late and missed out.;-)

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