Can you tell it’s me? No photoshopping has taken place – look at the beautiful colour of the sky against my pale, pale skin.

Generally I wear a strand of wooden beads around my right ankle – perhaps you can see a faint tan line there. I lost them. Just last week they fell off and I have no idea where they have gone. Certain people in my extended family referred to them disparagingly as hippy beads. It makes me love them all the more. I bought them at the least hippy place on Earth. Everyone else was on a scary ride and I wandered alone carrying all the bags and found them. They have been on my leg for six years. I have started to look for a replacement strand, but it won’t be easy to find something just right.

Why did I take this photo whilst executing a neat yoga position in the middle of the backyard with my dogs kissing my face? I included it in a teeny, tiny book – just 4cm by 5cm. The theme of the book is anonymous. I included two other foot photos and emblazened them with anonymous words that women use to describe themselves – mother, sister daughter. The book came to me via H&B, I took too far long to complete my part (sorry) and it is now on it’s way to Stomper Girl to make her own anonymous contribution.


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8 responses to “Anonymous

  1. Molly

    After six years you probably feel like you’ve lost a body part….after more than 30 years I somehow lost my wedding ring. For the longest time I felt naked without it….still not used to it not being there on my finger. Since i have my mother’s wedding ring I wear that now. but she was little. Her ring only fits on my pinkie…the anonymous book sounds intriguing.

  2. meggie

    Like the idea of anonymous feet!
    Sorry about the beads.
    Molly, hasn’t the OC got you a replacement??

  3. Stomper Girl

    Looking forward to seeing this book! Your so-called pale, pale skin is at least 2 shades darker than mine – the giveaway was that you have a tan line! I have a tanline if the fake stuff gets a bit streaky from slapdash application

  4. h&b

    I took a spookily similar pic this last feet of my feet on the blue, blue sky – how bizarre !

    Glad you got your head around being ‘anon’. It was a challenge, to be sure …


  5. h&b

    this last WEEK of my FEET.

    argh !

  6. riseoutofme

    Nice, sturdy foot photo….

    Looks like they are daring the sky to do something ….

  7. Fairlie

    That’s a great photo. There’s definitely something anonymous about photos of feet…you know there’s a person attached to them frustratingly out of the frame…

  8. BoggyWoggy

    You are absolutely beautiful! Hee, hee! I love the photo! Makes me think it would be fun to post different pieces of one’s body online at different times…and then folks could cut them all out and arrange them like a puzzle in order to reveal your true identity!

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