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Man of Steel

So, people have asked for an update on Pip. It has been almost five weeks since his surgery.

In that time he has:

read enormous books


improved his guitar techniques


made and received countless phone calls to invite lots of friends over to visit him


reach a level 66 with his world of warcraft character (about to level at 67)


He has healed and heĀ is strong (don’t let his skinny, weedy appearance fool you)


So strong that he has taken no pain medication for a week, except for the day when he sneezed six times in a row. Next week I am taking him to meet his teachers on Tuesday. On Wednesday he will return to school. It is up to him how long he stays each day. I imagine he will find it quite tiring in the first few weeks. We are happy for him to come home when he needs to rest. He is excited to see his friends again, but not so thrilled with having to get out of bed early. It has been almost twelve weeks since he last went to school, it is time to get back to real life.

He is amazing!


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