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The Llaunch of Lloyd

Today we llaunch a new bllog. Another member of my immediate family. My son was quite excited at the thought of posting his cartoons on the magical interweb. He is already quite competent at drawing with the mouse. He regularly includes drawings in his MSN conversations. They are funny!

We set him up with a tablet.

He’s already drawing the next installment. It is completely different for him though. As you can see he’s left-handed, but he’s forced to use the mouse right-handedly. For the first time he is using his left hand to draw right onto the computer.

So far he has only posted the original Lloyd comic. He wants to do more, but he has to go to a sleepover at his friend’s place. These are the pressures of being a teenaged blogger!

GO and see Lloyd and others here. Hopefully he’ll find time to update it between sleepovers….


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