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Seven Things

Ages ago someone (I can’t remember, but it might have been you, Alice) asked me to write seven things about me. I have been slack about it and not done it. It seems the right time now, so here they are.

1. I am very neat and organised at work. I hate to have clutter on my desk or in my working space. I will take a lot of time to present my space really well. I am not so inclined at home. I spread myself out across several working spaces and never really properly pack up one thing before I move onto the next. I wish I had a studio with a large bench for working and proper storage. If I had the money I’d build a kitchen in my studio, without the cooking facilities, just with all the benches and storage.

2. I am obsessed with cameras. I have a fabulous digital camera, but I am always looking at new ones in the catalogues. I want to see the newest features and how many mega-pixels. When does that constant techonological improvement end? When will we have designed the ultimate camera?

3. I am obsessed with taking photos of water. I love to slow the camera down so that the water is moving while the background is still. I have a lot of these photos.

 4. I love bangles and bracelets. I wear all of them at once. My children always know when I’m coming because they hear me jingling down the hallway. I do not, however, like necklaces.

5. I love to eat blueberries. We live in a climate that cannot possibly produce them, so they are really expensive. Sometimes I pay $8.00 for a punnet of them to eat. I justify it to myself by thinking that if I bought a sandwich from a shop it would cost that much and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the blueberries.

6. I refuse to push my children to achieve well in school. It is twelve years out of a long life. Your school achievements are quickly forgotten once you get out into the world. They are good people, I know they’ll be fine whether or not they are at the top of their class. I hate that teachers are always using the ‘could do better / not achieving to potential’ lines about children. We could all do better – even the teachers – but it won’t make us any happier!

7. I can smell rain long before it starts. I always know when it’s coming. Only half of the time will I run to take the washing off the line. The other half of the times I really don’t care if the washing gets wet, it’ll dry again when the rain stops.


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