Getting there

After a busy working week which involved travel to the north, the south and to the east I am finally finishing my Kite Tails quilt. Tonight I am free motion quilting the tails…


I think I can finish tomorrow. I think I can…

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A gift for me

It’s my birthday today.


I’m thinking I should gift myself this…


and use it to make something inspired by this…


Good plan?


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Time thief

“This quilt is only small.” I told myself.

“This will take no time at all to quilt.” I agreed with myself.

“It’ll be finished in just a couple of hours.”


Naturally I have chosen the densest windy swirls to quilt onto the blue. They’re perfect for the background, but highlight how deluded I am about the time I take to do anything…

It’ll be worth it, but you’ll have to come back in a day (or two or three or four) for me to show you the results.

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I’m away from home on a work trip. If I look out my motel window I see this.


While that is a lovely view I can’t help but think about what I was doing last night.


That’s quite a nice view too…


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I came home today to find a bundle of loveliness waiting for me.


I think the red stripe is my favourite… or perhaps the orange stripe… or the green…

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Windy days

After a busy weekend in which we celebrated my son’s 18th birthday I have finally started adding the kite tails.


They are really lifting the whole quilt.


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After I’ve drawn my quilt layout on my computer,


and seen the quilt in my imagination, I love it when it becomes a real quilt.


So does my assistant.



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Kite Tails

I bought some new fabric.


It’s perfect for making kite blocks.


So that’s just what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day.

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Pattern… finally

Hello there. Man, life is busy, busy, busy. I’m filled with ideas and action, but my time is divided in so many ways! To simplify my life I have decided that this blog is going to be created totally on my phone. I’ll use the phone camera capture my images and the wordpress app to write. I hope this will streamline my processes and afford me more time in my busy, busy, busy life.

Any how… would you like a little gift for hanging in there? Click here and you can have a free pattern. I have (finally) completed the pattern for Red Cross.

As I wrote this pattern I bought a shiny new computer and had to learn a whole new way to work. Does the pattern look more professional? I have used some different software to do my diagrams. (There’s a steep learning process!) I think they look much better than my previous way of illustration patterns.

If learning new stuff isn’t exhausting enough, I also have a new family member.

Sophie keeps me very busy. She loves to help me sew…

and I love to let her.


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Red Cross Row part two

This set of instructions will complete the ten rows needed to make the quilt top.

Next tine I’ll quilt and bind it!

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