I have managed to break five sewing machine needles in one week. All I did was sew over a pin and… crack, another one gone. I have always pinned through my seams perpendicular to the direction that I’m sewing. Generally my machine needle would just push the pin aside, but my new machine is a little more sensitive about pins.

My very clever friend Julie told me that I needed to buy Clover super fine quilting pins.


These little beauties are much thinner than regular pins and very, very sharp. They ease right into the seams and best of all…


I manage to stitch right across them, machine needle intact.

Thanks Julie. You’re a pin whisperer.


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5 responses to “Oops!

  1. Wow. Didn’t know there was such a product out there! Betcha they come in handy for quilting.

    Is there anything worse when you break a needle – but 5 in a week – sheesh – I’d be swearing like a trooper!

  2. LOL Melody! They are mighty purdy pins!!

  3. Julie Armstrong

    Happy to pass to the goodness. Kirsty to Me, Me to You.

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