Pattern… finally

Hello there. Man, life is busy, busy, busy. I’m filled with ideas and action, but my time is divided in so many ways! To simplify my life I have decided that this blog is going to be created totally on my phone. I’ll use the phone camera capture my images and the wordpress app to write. I hope this will streamline my processes and afford me more time in my busy, busy, busy life.

Any how… would you like a little gift for hanging in there? Click here and you can have a free pattern. I have (finally) completed the pattern for Red Cross.

As I wrote this pattern I bought a shiny new computer and had to learn a whole new way to work. Does the pattern look more professional? I have used some different software to do my diagrams. (There’s a steep learning process!) I think they look much better than my previous way of illustration patterns.

If learning new stuff isn’t exhausting enough, I also have a new family member.

Sophie keeps me very busy. She loves to help me sew…

and I love to let her.


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2 responses to “Pattern… finally

  1. Aunty Evil

    Great to see the end result of the quilt! Also happy to see you back blogging.

    How CUTE is Lucy!?? She looks like a toy. So adorable.

    • Aunty Evil

      There you have it, the reason why you shouldn’t post comments when you are on the brink of going to bed. I don’t know who Lucy is, or even if she is cute. But I know SOPHIE is! 🙂 (sorry)

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