8am, 34 degrees, not a single puff of breeze.
Summer is here.


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6 responses to “Summer

  1. Aunty Evil

    I wish! It won’t stop raining here in Sydney, I just know we are going to have a wet Christmas Day. 😦

  2. Kelly

    It looks lovely. I”m on holidays in Sydney and it is pouring. I think I need a refund on my holiday weather!

  3. 34 degrees at 8am?! That sounds disgusting! I don’t mind summer but I hate the hot.

  4. This always amuses me when we are in the midst of winter!

  5. Oh. Thank goodness it never gets that hot so early in the morning here. Hope you have a shade-filled day!

  6. Fairlie

    34 at 8am is my idea of heaven! You are living the dream.

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