Bunch of Daisies

I suppose, technically, these daisies would be in a pile…

while they wait to be appliqued.

However, pile of daisies doesn’t sound nearly as lovely.


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7 responses to “Bunch of Daisies

  1. Aunty Evil

    I can’t wait to see the end result of this, I love the colours!

  2. Beautiful. How do you cut these out?

    • I draw my applique shapes, then scan them into the computer. This lets me resize them easily. Once I have them at the right size I print them straight onto A4 sized sheets of Applifix. http://www.applifix.com.au/ Then I iron it onto whichever fabric I’ve chosen and cut them out by hand with my scissors. The printing onto applifix makes the whole process much faster. I used to trace each one out by hand and add hours to the process. Now it’s quick and simple.

  3. Wouldn’t they be a bouquet of daisies?

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