Writers’ Week

This week is Queensland Writers’ Week. Pip belongs to a youth writers’ group in Townsville. He enjoys telling stories about his illustrations and drawings and, with considerable nagging from me, he will write his stories. He constructs interesting stories and writes with beautiful, descriptive prose.

This week he was invited to be a part of a panel of writers at an open forum discussing the writing process. His invitation was on the strength of a manuscript which he has begun (which I am determined that he will finish… nag… nag… nag). As a part of the evening he read from his manuscript, holding the attention of the room and making us all want to hear more. He sat amongst published authors with vast experience and spoke with intelligence and confidence.

In just weeks he will be finished school. He’s ready for the world now.


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7 responses to “Writers’ Week

  1. You made good ones, you and your pete.

  2. Finished? With school?
    Little Pip?
    It can’t be!

  3. Aunty Evil

    Ditto what Blackbird said, that can’t be right, are you talking about the right Pip?

    Good on him though!

  4. Love that photo of him. Go Pip.

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