Little Apples

I’ve fallen in love with this fabric…

For a paper doll lover like me, this is absolute perfection.

It’s from a range called Little Apples designed  by the very talented Aneela Hoey.

On her blog you can see a lots of beautiful items made from this range and have a sneaky preview of her next range.

Of course my fabric no longer looks like this. I’ve already cut it up and started stitching it together. I have kept the selvedges though…

those lovely little turtles marching along the edge of the fabric deserve to be kept.


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4 responses to “Little Apples

  1. Awww…me too! Love it!

  2. I bought a layer cake of this -its gorgeous but of course no selvedges..those are waaaayyyy cute !

  3. flo

    so so cute. they are all tracey-esque type outfits too. lots of little cardis.

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