Twenty-one Years

That’s how long we’ve known and loved Ashleigh.

Today is her twenty-first birthday. On the weekend we celebrated with  a Hollywood themed party. While Ashleigh elegantly filled her role as Audrey Hepburn, my Pete, Pippy and I stepped straight off the Starship Enterprise to join the party.

Happy birthday beautiful Ashleigh. May you live long and prosper and may your every day be filled with love and happiness.


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10 responses to “Twenty-one Years

  1. pompomrouge

    May I second that, Ashleigh – Dif-tor heh smusma!
    Alas, I don’t know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Vulcan so.. um… Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Ashleigh – may your life be rich with wonderful adventures and love.

  3. Such an adorable photo of Miss Ashleigh, such a blessing to see her all grown up xo

  4. oh! She is so beautiful – inside and out.

    Happy day.


  5. Happy 21st to your lovely girl. I love the family photo of you all dressed up.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Miss Ashleigh I wish you a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year x

  7. Aunty Evil

    She looks gorgeous! Happy 21st, what a lovely age to be!

  8. What a fun 21st birthday-themed party! You are absolutely correct that Ashleigh made a very elegant Audrey Hepburn! Happy belated bday, Ashleigh!

  9. So beautiful – happy birthday!

  10. Happy 21st to your gorgeous daughter!! Looks like lots of fun!

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