Home Office

When I went to Brisbane I was working for a corporation writing materials to support teachers. I had taken an eleven week secondment, but after four weeks I was asked to consider extending the time and staying in Brisbane for longer. This was an offer that pulled at my heart. On the one hand I was LOVING the work I was doing, taking advantage of and really enjoying the city life and I was liking who I was while I was working so hard professionally and keeping home by myself. On the other hand… were my Pete, Ashy and Harry and Pip.

I did take some time to think about it. In an ideal world I would have leapt at the opportunity, but I knew that I needed to come home to my family.

I made that decision, knowing it was right, but still with a small tug of longing to continue a job I was loving and doing well.

Sometimes fortune favours the brave, good things come to those who wait and everything works out for the best because before I left Brisbane I was offered an opportunity to continue my job, working remotely from right here at home.

So, now every morning I head out to my home office and spend my day researching and writing.

I think I really like being a writer. Some days I get a huge rush of steam and write 2000 words that flow straight from my fingers. Other days I agonise over 500 words, then delete 400 of them before I’m finished.

Luckily, no matter whether I’m writing well or struggling to find my voice, I do it all in an ergonomically sound chair…


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25 responses to “Home Office

  1. Awesome. The best of both worlds. Good on you!

    • I know! I feel so incredibly lucky and I’m working really hard to make meet deadlines and show that it was a very good decision. PS I’m incredibly impressed by your work from home enterprise too!

  2. Ooh what a happy story 🙂 I am grinning for you. 🙂

  3. Brilliant! It’s the perfect situation.

  4. flo

    big OT tick for your ergonomically sound work station. and multi-coloured post-its- they are most important in any office set up!!

    • I had to have an OT to do a safety audit as part of the processes to allow me to work from home – hence the computer screen at eye level, the keyboard flat and square to the computer and the ergonomic chair.

  5. Aunty Evil

    I LOVE working from home! But I am constantly amazed at how fast the time goes!!

  6. This sounds like a great work development.

    Congratulations Tracey.

  7. Yahoo! A win-win for all around! Congrats on your new office digs!

  8. They are very lucky to have you.

  9. Fairlie

    A great arrangement!

  10. Tracey, how wonderful! What a great outcome for everyone.

  11. When Mr 14 was just 6 months old, I had a similar offer, but for OLI. I wrote from home for 8 months after driving to the office for about 9 months, 3 days a week. I loved it and know the great feeling you have explained. I am so thrilled for you and your position.

  12. Well done you! Your life always seems perfect to me (well, apart from Pip’s illness) and now it’s even better!

  13. Gosh, did that sound sarcastic?? I didn’t mean it to. I just mean – you’re a lovely family and you deserve it all. Really.

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