Since last we spoke…

  • Pip went on a skiing trip with his school. He survived a blizzard and, despite our best guesses, broke not one single bone.
  • Pip turned 17 on his ski trip and bought himself a pocket watch, as any gentleman would.
  • I had a birthday and turned considerably older than 17. I bought myself nothing because I need nothing.
  • I returned home from my extended working trip considerably wiser, stronger, happier and luckier than I’ve ever been. (This information should be shared in a post of its own.)
  • I worked a production line of my own creation and made lots of Millie Molly Dolly bags. Please click here to let Imogen remind of you of what they are in case you have forgotten.
  • My touch typing improved immensely. I have no actual evidence of this, but you should see my fingers fly. Words appear on the screen already typed before I’ve even thought them.

I tell you, life is good!


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16 responses to “Since last we spoke…

  1. It sounds good! Belated Happy Birthdays to you and to Pip, and it’s good to see you back again. Are you sure your newfound typing skills are nothing to do with The Matrix? Words appearing on the screen before you type them – oo-err!

  2. Welcome back, here and in Townsville!
    And happy birthday (a bit late, I’m sorry!).

  3. Such a lovely positive post.

    Makes me very happy.

  4. Happy birthday to both you and Pip!

  5. Happy Birthday! Glad you are home safely šŸ™‚

  6. good to see you back, I have been lurking and not commenting. And making quilts.
    BTW I sat in that anzac park in Brisy when I was there 7 years ago, loved the whole city.

  7. Aunty Evil

    Glad to see you again! Happy birthday for while you were away, and I have to say, I missed you very much! I look forward to hearing your news!

  8. Welcome back! Glad everyone has survived the last few months intact, especially Pip! Happy belated birthdays to both of you!

  9. Happy Birthdays to you and Pip! Can’t wait to hear about your work stay!

  10. Fairlie

    Does Pip wear his pocket watch to school? What a great thing to buy for himself.

    Great to hear all is good.

  11. Happy belated birthday! Glad things are so good for you! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  12. I missed your posts. Glad you’re back in your own home with your own things and your beautiful family. I bet they’re pleased to have you back too.

  13. I’m impressed, both with your typing and with Pippy’s purchase of a pocket watch. Who knew that you could still buy them? My dad had one. Something so cool about them. Happy Birthday to you and Pip.

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