Nearly Home

A quick post to let you know that all is well. This afternoon my Pete will arrive here and stay for one week, then at the end of that week we will drive back to Townsville together.

The past eleven weeks of living alone in Brisbane have been more than just worthwhile. So many fabulous opportunities have been afforded to me as a result of the work that I have been doing. I have enjoyed some aspects of living alone, but I know that life is best when I spend it with my Pete. I doubt that he’d be quite so willing to spend this much time apart again.

Very soon I’ll return with photos and stitching and interesting moments. I look forward to seeing you there too.


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8 responses to “Nearly Home

  1. Wishing you a lovely week with your Pete and a safe journey home.

    So sorry we couldn’t catch up on Thursday.

  2. Aunty Evil

    Wow I cannot believe it has gone that quickly, although for you I am sure it took a while longer.

    Glad you are having a nice week with your darling, even gladder you will be home soon.

    Was worrying about you when we hadn’t heard from you for so long, it’s very nice to see your post!

  3. M

    Yes, it has gone quickly. Will you be sad to leave BrisVegas?

  4. Oh wow – back home (just about) already? Those weeks have flown by – well for us anyway, maybe not for you. Bet you can’t wait to get back to Townsville – I know that feeling well. 😉

  5. It sounds altogether like a great adventure! The truly great thing about such expeditions is that they are but a brief diversion in some respects and that one is always glad to go back home afterwards, all the richer for the adventure AND to be back with those we love best.

  6. that time seemed to fly!! hope you have a safe trip home.xo

  7. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  8. Welcome back to your home (if you know what I mean!) Looking forward to your news.

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