A new tradition is easy to begin. If you have lived by yourself for three weeks and done the same thing each Saturday afternoon, then a new tradition has begun.

Each Saturday I take a long walk to the city and back. I generally have a contrived purpose for the walk and it fills three hours of my day.

On the way home I feel so virtuous and well exercised that I stop at the local French themed cafe and buy myself two pistachio macarons.

One should never mess with tradition.


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8 responses to “Traditions

  1. Fairlie

    Yum! Pistachio macarons…they’re my favorite flavor.

  2. They look beautiful! Don’t ever break your tradition: rain hail or shine.

  3. How can that new tradition be broken? Not until you move back to Townsville when you’ll then have to learn how to make macarons just like that. Yummoh. Jones The Grocer, an Aussie cafe/store over here make macarons just like that – we ordered a heap for Lily’s 1st birthday because they’re my favourite!

  4. Mary

    Only two? So much more restrained than me. Especially if they make the salty caramel sort.

  5. Grandma

    I bought a new recipe book in Yeppoon and it has the recipe for pistachio macarons. They look just like these, so I am sure we can do it!

  6. I’ve never eaten one of those – they sound delicious, but look a little colopurless? I bet they were yummy or you wouldn’t have repeated the purchase.

  7. Such willpower! Especially when you have exercised before purchasing macaroons and could easily talk yourself into more!

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