My sister-in-law cameto visit me recently. She was here from Townsville on a work trip. It was so good to see someone from home and she always comes with lots of stories to tell.

She also came with gifts of sweetness.

Before you judge, the coconut ones were absolutely delicious. The pretzel ones were not so much.

She also brought me sweetly perfumed hyacinths.

These beauties survived for the longest time. Each afternooon when I came home from work and opened the door to my unit I was greeted by their lovely scent. Their colour faded as they got older, but not their perfume. It was such a luxury to have them in my kitchen.

These flower photos are dedicated to the memory of Sarah, whose every photo and every word shared joy with her blog readers.


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7 responses to “Sweetness

  1. HMMMM…the peanut butter ones are my favorites!

  2. I much prefer the hyacinths, you may keep all the chocolates.
    So sad about Sarah. RIP Sarah.

  3. Aunty Evil

    I’ll take the chocs and the flowers, thanks very much.

    Sorry about Sarah, I didn’t read her blog but as I tour the bloggy world, it would seem a lot did. My sympathies to all who knew her.

  4. Mary

    Bless Sarah.

    And bless your sister – in – law – what a thoughtful woman.

  5. Cancer is stealing too many good people. So sad.

    I like the sound of the coconut ones, but pretzel flavour sounds like a waste of chocolate.

  6. I never read Sarah’s blog but, as a reader of other blogs (including yours!), know how events impacting others can impact us. Sorry to read of your loss.

    On a positive note, I had no idea there was such a variety of M&Ms! I’ll have to check for them!

  7. I haven’t heard of the coconut ones. Love the peanut butter ones. Abby would gobble those in a hurry. Pretzels? Yuck.

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