Keep Me Warm

Once I knew that I was coming to live for a time in Brisbane I made it a priority to make myself some new quilts. This is perfectly logical. Some might worry about whether they had packed enough undergarments to be away for eleven weeks, I worry that I’ll have new quilts.

I needed one that was cosy and girly. One that was just the right size to cover my legs while I sit on the couch alone.

You could easily make this one too.

You’ll need a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips fabric. I took out all of the grey and red strips to leave myself with these beautiful girly fabrics.

Lay out the strips in an arrangement that you like – be very careful of the directional prints. You don’t want puppies running upside down on your quilt.

Once you’ve stitched all of the fabric strips together trim about two inches from each side. This gets rid of the selvedges and neatens up each side.

Prepare your quilt top for quilting, then quilt across it with long lazy stipples.

Cut 5 two inch strips from a binding fabric. I used pink to bind mine. Stitch them together with diagonal seams to make one long binding strip.

Attach the binding to the front of the quilt with a quarter inch seam.

Fold the binding to the back and hand stitch into place.


you have a beautiful snuggly quilt. Perfect to warm you on a cool evening when your family is a long way away.


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18 responses to “Keep Me Warm

  1. It’s beautiful. Now me… I would have just taken something I already had (plus my warm underwear of course)

  2. Ginger

    It’s so pretty! Me, I’d worry that I had enough handsewing to keep me occupied 🙂

  3. And it’s beautiful!

  4. Oh. I love it – and I have two little girls who would love it too. Is Sherbet Pips out now, or were you sent some specially? (I am a bit behind the times)

  5. It looks great. Not sure if I could make it easily though! I’d need to practice some lazy stippling first. Or, you know, try any sort of quilting anything first.

  6. flo

    very lovely.

  7. I never imagined a roll of jelly roll would be enough to make a quilt. It is lovely.

  8. Aunty Evil

    Ummm…yeah, I got all that.

    Nice quilt! 🙂

  9. Hurrah for a girly quilt! I’m looking forward to see the other projects you made for this working foray!

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