Three Hours

Yesterday my Pete and I walked hand in hand for three hours. We walked across bridges, through the city and along the river until we happened upon…

The Endeavour.

It is moored in the Brisbane River outside a busy Sunday market. It was open to be visited, but the queues were very long. We did tour The Endeavour when Ashleigh was only five and Pip just a baby, so we weren’t too disappointed to miss it this time.

After walking for three hours we stopped, sat and treated ourselves to sweetheart biscuits and a pink grapefruit drink.

It was a good way to revive our energies.


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9 responses to “Three Hours

  1. You guys are such lovebirds, it is excellent.

    Can you imagine going to sea for 12 months in something the size of The Endeavour? *shudders*

  2. Love Brisbane. So do you two by the sound of it.

  3. You two are just plain gorgeous ( and a little bit inspirational).

  4. Ahh, you guys are so sweet!

  5. Peta

    Chelsea’s going to see it with school when it comes up here

  6. Rhu

    Where’d you get those biscuits? Somewhere on Southbank?
    They look so dainty!

  7. Those biscuits look delicious! What a lovely way to spend a day.

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