Settling In

I have arrived in Brisbane and am settling into the one bedroom unit that will be my home until early July.  I’m quite pleased with my new digs. They are located very practically.

From the patio outside my lounge room you can see this…

Just peeking above the tree line is the building where I’ll be working. It takes five minutes to walk there. Mind you, that’s downhill. The walk back up a hill after a day at work is going to take a little longer.


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16 responses to “Settling In

  1. Very nice! You’ll float back “home” to your one bedroom oasis. Your Pete did a fine job looking and finding.

  2. How exciting. Hope you settle in quickly!

  3. Is there plenty of room in your one bedroom flat for a sewing machine?

  4. Oh how fab that you’re so close to where you need to be. That Pete of yours? Wow – he is pretty awesome finding something soooo close. If that was me looking, you’d probably be at the opposite side of town.

  5. Aunty Evil

    The time will fly!

  6. Your Pete is a good looker… or is that a good finder?

    Glad you are settling in – enjoy it.

  7. When Fixit visited Brisbane he was struck by how many gym junkies he saw. No need for you to go down that path with your built-in exercise every morning and evening!

  8. LOL @ Sharon’s comment. My grandfather always used to say that people commented that he was looking good but no one ever commented that he was good looking! Pete has already got the good looking comment via Sharon so I’ll add that he’s been looking good too!

    Happy settling into your new digs!

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