The Busy-ness of Me

In just a few days I am flying south to take up a secondment to a job that I am certain to love in Brisbane.

Do you see the folly of this? I am flying south for the winter. In the northern hemisphere this may be encouraged, but for me it means travelling closer to the polar cap. I live in a place where in winter you wear your summer clothes and pop a cardigan over them. A place where long pants can be worn once it gets down to 26 degrees. I don’t remember the last time the temperature could be measured in a single figure. The only reason to own a heater is for ten days each year when the two minutes between getting out of the shower and being dry and warm requires it.

I am flying south for the winter.

The upside of this is that Ashy and I have spent lots of time and a considerable sum of money purchasing a professional woman’s winter wardrobe for me. Dresses, tights, pants, boots and accessories have all been brought into the house in multiple shopping bags. Lots of greys, charcoals, blacks and just a bit of red and blush pink. I now own a whole suitcase of these colours. The downside is that suitcase must remain below 23kg in order to be taken on the plane with me on the weekend.

I am flying south for the winter…


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16 responses to “The Busy-ness of Me

  1. It is always so fascinating reading about your side of the world. Here I am anxious to break out the colours and the sandals! I couldn’t bear having to go shopping and/or wear winter gear much longer! Sounds like your new job is interesting! Please describe it more!

  2. Brrr….people that do not come or live in Oz have a hard time imagining the size of it. Townsville is close to a 2 hr plane trip to Brisbane is it not? And Brisbane is a 2 hr flight to Melbourne. Tropics – Warmish – Freezing. You might as well be moving to Melbourne yeah?

    Good luck Tracey – hope it all goes well and you enjoy your time in the Sunshine State’s capital.

    • Your geography is excellent! Brisbane is a two hour flight and that is half way to Melbourne. We haven’t had temperatures below 20 (night or day) since August last year. It’s already in the mid-teens over night in Brisbane. Cold is relative.

  3. Good luck indeed!

    I doubt you will need anything too warm, although for your tropical conditioned body, maybe you will. Brisbane is a lot warmer than Sydney, which is a lot warmer than Tassie, which is a lot warmer than the polar ice cap you mentioned. It’s all relative, really. 🙂

  4. Well, that sounded like I thought you were going on holiday. You know what I mean – good luck, hope it all goes brilliantly.

  5. Have fun, Tracey! And good luck.

  6. You lucky devil! I do hope you’ll keep us posted.

  7. I reckon, once you get over the culture shock, you might enjoy a bit of cold. I quite like winter, the snugness of an open fire or getting to wear a nice knitted hat.

  8. M

    I’m thinking it will be very warm in BrisVegas. But I guess it’s all relative!

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