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Out and About

Millie Molly seems to be stepping out in recent days.

Melody placed the winning on a Millie Molly Dolly bag made just for her girls in the auction held to raise money after the Brisbane floods. She sent me this beautiful photo of her girls enjoying a game with their very own bag.

Even more lovely is this photo of her younger daughter showing concentration and determination as she tries to put the little clothes on all by herself.

Nayjay from Journey Back to Sewing made her own gorgeous version of the Millie Molly Dolly bag. I just love how bright and cheery this is, and the hair. I love the hair!

The very crafty, although blogless, Kathleen made a very pink and girly version for her daughter. She posted this photo on the PPQ facebook page.

It delights me to see these photos. I love the thought of little people all around the place telling stories and whispering secrets to Millie Molly.

Meanwhile I find myself working on a very small production line.

There can’t be too many Millie Mollys in the world.


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I Planned, I Failed

Dear Fairlie,

The advice you offered on my last post was sound. I nodded my head in agreement to your wise words. I felt virtuous for planning my quilt in order to avoid failure.


in my smugness, I managed to stitch the pink fabric back to front and failed anyway.

Yours humbly,



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Using directional fabrics requires some careful planning…

to get the desired result.


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Ashy’s Quilt

Mid-January Ashy announced that she was going to make a quilt for her gentleman caller’s 21st birthday in late Febraury. Fabric was selected and ordered. My only contributions to the project were the provision of  funds and the quilting. She cut, stitched and worked diligently by herself for three whole days until an ENORMOUS 2.5m by 2.2m quilt was made.

I have been waiting for days to photograph this beauty.

I wanted to lay it out on our green lucious lawn…

but it has been raining here for almost three months. That beautiful grass looks appealing, but you can’t walk on it without squelching through water.

So instead I had to take a photo of it scrunched up on some chairs…

It looks lovely like that, can you imagine how beautiful it is unscrunched?


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