Available Now

After a few questions and even a few pleas, I have made a Millie Molly Dolly Bag and listed it for sale on my etsy site.

She has eight beautiful outfits, including a little demin. They all clip to her shoulders with plastic snaps.

I just love her sweet face.

If you know someone who would love a Millie Molly in their lives you can find her for sale here.


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5 responses to “Available Now

  1. Gosh, I admire how you can place patterns and colours together! Enchanting!

  2. So cute! Are big girls allowed to play?

  3. What a Cute Idea…You’ve done a Great Job with those Tiny Clothes…

  4. Oh no.

    Now I can get one.

    Who would I give it to?

    Will hubby understand if I spend the money?

    So tempting…

  5. I think I, er, I mean ABBY, might need one of those.

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