Good Lookers

My Pete is a good looker. He looked and looked, and finally looked in just the right place to find me a unit in Brisbane. I shall not be homeless! I could draw a triangle on the map between my workplace, the supermarket and the newly found unit which has a perimeter of less than a kilometre. It is all very convenient and an enormous relief.

Pip is a good looker. His photo was in the paper on Friday. I hope my mother will read this on her Vietnam holiday and see this article. I’ve tried to make it a larger size so you should be able to click on it and read the story. He looks so tall, but I think the reality is that all the rest of the people are not so tall.

My new book is a good looker.

Last night I attended the book launch and ate camembert cheese with fresh figs on crackers with two of the authors.

The good lookers Kirsty and Brenda even signed my copy.


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16 responses to “Good Lookers

  1. aren’t those good looking people lucky to know someone as good looking as you..

  2. Hope you enjoy your good look at our BOOK 🙂

  3. Looking good! All of you!!

  4. Grandma

    I did see it! He is such a good looking boy and I have heard that he likes money and he likes school, so this should help. I am in SaPa in the very north of Vietnam. It is about 4 degrees and raining. We have been on a 12 hour train journey then a 1 hour bus journey to get here. This country’s wifi is awesome. Tomorrow morning is the SaPa market which is supposed to be special. Love to all.

  5. I love your Pete. *a load off my mind*

  6. What a good looking lot you are!

  7. good news about a home. mike was wondering the other day if you were still going to take the job with the shifting dramas. so glad it’s sorted. hope there are some good quiltery people or shops within that triangle too.

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