Morning Tea

Imogen called in to visit me this morning, bringing a selection of goodies for morning tea.

A new bakery has opened not far away and Imogen wanted me to taste a selection of Macarons so that we could have a vote and find out the family favourite.

From the top – chocolate, raspberry, lemon.

I told Imogen that I would like to visit the bakery and see what else was available. She became very serious and offered me a cautionary tale…

Imogen: Well! Do not look at the cupcakes and think to yourself how delicious the pink icing will be when you taste it. I bought one and all that was on top was cream. Cream that was coloured PINK! And, I thought there was a yummy flower made of icing on the top of the cream. It turned out to be nothing but a marshmallow. I hate marshmallows.

You have now all been warned.

PS. For the record Lemon has been voted in as the favourite macaron of the family members present.


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22 responses to “Morning Tea

  1. She seems like such a treat to have around!

  2. Peta

    Oi! This family member hasn’t voted yet! And lemon is a citrus!

  3. I think you need to send a box over here so we can compare to the UK version. Just in the interests of transglobal comparison, of course.

  4. I have never had a macaroon, so i will take this advice on board and my first shall be lemon !

  5. Sigh… those look so, so delicious! I would have needed to taste each one at least twice to decide. Maybe three times.

    Cupcake fakery! The tragedy. Why would you put colored cream on a cupcake instead of proper icing?!

  6. LOL! Melinda’s comment is hilarious! We are presently reading thru “Winnie the Pooh” (by Milne) and it sounds like a quote from the book!

    Those macaroons look scrumptious! I agree with Imogen that it appears false “advertising” could be alleged by misrepresenting a cookie! She sounds darling!

  7. What a tough job you had, deciding which one you liked the best! And having to try them ALL, just to be sure!

    And I am absolutely with Imogen, I hate marshmallows too!!

  8. Oh, drool! And I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet this morning! Imogen sounds very knowledgeable! Be sure to take her along, in an advisory capacity, when you make your own selections at the bakery.

  9. Rhu

    They look very decadent. I am not a big sweet tooth, but that idea, macarons and tea, makes me wish to stop and do the same!

  10. Grandma

    The family members not present might have swayed the vote if they were present. Thanks for the photo of her. With no facebook I am really missing the littles and their goings on.

  11. I’m with Imogen, cream should never pretend to be icing and marshmallows are revolting. Thank goodness you have her around to issue warnings.

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