Out and About

Millie Molly seems to be stepping out in recent days.

Melody placed the winning on a Millie Molly Dolly bag made just for her girls in the auction held to raise money after the Brisbane floods. She sent me this beautiful photo of her girls enjoying a game with their very own bag.

Even more lovely is this photo of her younger daughter showing concentration and determination as she tries to put the little clothes on all by herself.

Nayjay from Journey Back to Sewing made her own gorgeous version of the Millie Molly Dolly bag. I just love how bright and cheery this is, and the hair. I love the hair!

The very crafty, although blogless, Kathleen made a very pink and girly version for her daughter. She posted this photo on the PPQ facebook page.

It delights me to see these photos. I love the thought of little people all around the place telling stories and whispering secrets to Millie Molly.

Meanwhile I find myself working on a very small production line.

There can’t be too many Millie Mollys in the world.


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9 responses to “Out and About

  1. What a sweet post! Isn’t it wonderful how you have inspired others!

  2. I agree with Maureen, surely the biggest sense of satisfaction is seeing others enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  3. What bunch of crafty clever clogs they are!

    And how wonderful that Milly Molly, although using the same templates, have all their own individual personalities depending on their new owners.

    I am SOOOOOOO jealous!!

    I need to get that new sewing machine. Industrial strength. Because I will probably break it trying to make something. I am clever like that.

  4. Grandma

    I wonder if the girls gave Millie Molly a different name, or even the suggested “Imogen” name. I love a toy where children use their imagnation to give voice to their doll or toy and this is perfect for that.

  5. =)

    I love all the pics and I love how others have made other Millie Mollys. Just gorgeous!!

    (You deserve a pat on the back Miss Tracey. *pat pat*)

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