I Planned, I Failed

Dear Fairlie,

The advice you offered on my last post was sound. I nodded my head in agreement to your wise words. I felt virtuous for planning my quilt in order to avoid failure.


in my smugness, I managed to stitch the pink fabric back to front and failed anyway.

Yours humbly,



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19 responses to “I Planned, I Failed

  1. It will still look wonderful — unlike my trousers, in which I inadvertently sewed the fronts together to make one leg and the backs to make another.
    (NB: They look sort-of okay but feel weird.)

  2. uggh!! I HATE when that happens,…

  3. That’s surely not the fault of planning though? More like distractability, rushing-through-what looked like the easy bit, talking while you sewed? Did you just leave concentrating on what you’re doing out of your plan, hmm?

    The [Black] Pot

  4. Laughing at SG’s comment. Isn’t there a saying about the best laid plans?

  5. I blame Fairlie.

    Anyway, nice to know you are human. 🙂

  6. Believe me, you’e not alone.

  7. You’re. YOU’RE. I give up. I tried to play the piano this morning and anyone would have thought I’d put someone else’s hands on by mistake.

  8. And someone else’s spelling attachment as well D/C.

  9. You are human after all! I thought you were a quilting goddess who made no mistakes!

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