Ashy’s Quilt

Mid-January Ashy announced that she was going to make a quilt for her gentleman caller’s 21st birthday in late Febraury. Fabric was selected and ordered. My only contributions to the project were the provision of  funds and the quilting. She cut, stitched and worked diligently by herself for three whole days until an ENORMOUS 2.5m by 2.2m quilt was made.

I have been waiting for days to photograph this beauty.

I wanted to lay it out on our green lucious lawn…

but it has been raining here for almost three months. That beautiful grass looks appealing, but you can’t walk on it without squelching through water.

So instead I had to take a photo of it scrunched up on some chairs…

It looks lovely like that, can you imagine how beautiful it is unscrunched?


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33 responses to “Ashy’s Quilt

  1. WOW – what a stunning quilt!! How fun that your daughter also shares the quilting gene:)

  2. Oh, the colours – it’s stunning! What a very fortunate gentleman caller he is.

  3. What grows in the trees, comes out in the branches. As my Nan would have said.
    Just gorgeous!

  4. Wow Ashy! Awesome job. Good work by your assistant too, I hope she didn’t muck up the quilting part of it.

  5. Oh wow – Ashy has gained your quilting hand by the looks of it. Well done. Hope her man likes it!

  6. Well done Ashy,

    Lucky gentleman caller!

  7. It’s gorgeous! She has obviously inherited her mother’s talent for quilting. He must be a very special gentleman caller!

  8. That is amazing! I really love that. The colours are superb and they really….errr….pop!

    Lucky guy!

  9. Loving dragonfly’s quote!

  10. So fresh and colourful – lovely job and lucky gentleman caller!

  11. I love the fresh colours and the concentric squares. What a project – it’s stunning!

  12. Pam Donaldson

    So lovely. Three days??? You mean if I had you for a mother, when I retire and have time, I too could do that in three days?

    If you know what I mean…

  13. Gorgeous, please let Ashy know that she did a wonderful job. And of course as alway you did a marvellous job quilting it.

  14. Grandma

    It is fabulous when seen in “person”. Ashy has the family eye for colour (your family not the previous generation).
    Now – the wifi wont let me in to fb at this stage , and the sim card won’t let me text. I gave one of your sisters the phone number of the phone. Could someone please try that number with a prefix of 84 and drop the first 0. We are really enjoying ourselves in HoChiMinh City; tomorrow we go to Mekong Delta, then the next day to Vung Tau – I think. Sorry to your regular readers for taking up their time. Love you.

  15. It’s wonderful, quilting with your daughter, isn’t it?
    And this is a very lovely quilt — the beau must be pretty special to be worthy of such a beautiful and generous gift!

  16. Oh my goodness. So, so beautiful. All I can say is that I hope this gentleman caller is a ‘keeper’.

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