In many ways my recent studio clean resembled an archaeological dig.

Take these blocks for example.

Carbon dated to circa 2008/9, they were found abandoned to the “stuff in the corner” pile.

I had made thirty-eight of them and, as I recall, was very pleased with them. Then I placed them into the arrangement I had planned and…

I hated it. It was not at all what I wanted to see. It was too many seams all converging and odd double strips of fabric.

Realising that sashings were required but lacking the energy required to be bothered, I just muttered under my breath and tossed them into a corner.

I have now rediscovered these blocks, but the problem of  not wanting to be bothered to cut sashings remains. Don’t worry, though, because I found this.

Forty pre-cut strips in a shade called natural. As luck would have it they are cut to EXACTLY the the right size for the sashings in this quilt!

There is new hope for these poor abandoned blocks!


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6 responses to “Rediscovered

  1. Sounds like a great plan!

    You have it all sorted!

    I completely approve!

    Just one question…

    What’s a sashing?


  2. Fairlie

    I’m so glad you asked that first, Aunty E!!

  3. There’s a word for that – serendipity. And it’s one of my favourites! Well, that and discombobulated which might also apply to events of the past week …

  4. I am glad that I am not the only one that makes blocks and then puts them on the back burner for a while! I have tubs in my bookcases with all sorts of block experiments!

  5. What makes you happy makes me happy too! Your quilts always look gorgeous!

  6. What Aunty Evil said! The only sashes I know about go on dresses and window curtains. 🙂

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