I am in the studio with Ashy.

She’s making a quilt…

and we’re singing along to this song.

Life is good.


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17 responses to “Tonight

  1. Cozy and beautiful, you and Ashy in the studio…and I luff the Killers but that is a terrible video!

    • I just love the song. It is always close at hand in the car for when Pip and I feel like having a loud singalong, but the video is really out of place with the song. I blame Moulin Rouge. It has all the hallmarks of a Moulin Rouge wannabe.

  2. Nice. Music. Quilting. Happy. Perfect.

  3. Mother and daughter sewing – my idea of a perfect night!

  4. Fairlie

    A whole universe away from your night on Wednesday!

  5. Like mother, like daughter. I’m glad you found some peace tonight.

  6. Just so glad that you are both safe and that your studio and all that is in it has not been damaged.

    Oh…and what bb said about the video.

  7. Thank goodness you are all safe and well!
    It must have been terrifying to live through.

  8. Is she going to show us the quilt when it is finished? I would love to see her style! And I don’t mean that in a “I am going to judge it” kind of way, as you know, I am craftly challenged, I am more interested to know whether her style follows yours or whether she has a totally different mental image.

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