Holding On

We are now facing the biggest cyclone seen in our lifetimes.

The winds in the centre will be over 300 kilometres per hour. It appears that those winds will be to the north of us, but we are expecting up to 200 kilometre per hour winds over our house within the next twelve to twenty four hours. (The black dot below represents where we’ll be as this storm, which is 500 kilometres wide passes over.)

We have prepared as much as we can. We have boarded and taped windows, prepared a safe room and bought food supplies. There have been mandatory evacuations made in low-lying ares and the police have warned to stay off the roads after midday today.

I know of so many people who have just left North Queensland. They’ve flown, trained or driven south.

We’re staying, but we’ll be holding on tight.


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21 responses to “Holding On

  1. h&b

    !!! Stay safe guys .. I can’t imagine …. !! 😦

  2. Keep safe, dear Tracey. Hold on and let us know as soon as you are on the other side.

  3. I hope you have lots of hand work to get you through the storm! Stay safe!

  4. Rhu

    Stay safe sweetie. If we can do anything on the otherside, let me know. x

  5. I do hope that you will be ok. My thoughts will be with you.

  6. Yes, all of you, stay safe. I’m wondering what will happen with your internets during, but I’ll be watching for updates. You tell us IMMEDIATELY it’s over okay!! Stay safe xx

  7. I’m thinking about you and hoping for the best! Stay safe!

  8. And this right after the other storm!! Stay safe and stay dry!!! Thinking of you.

  9. Wishing the best for all of you. Batten down the hatches and hold on tight….Oh, and make sure all those quilts are in a safe place!

  10. Sounds like you have Prepared Well…Hope you don’t get too much Damage…will be thinking of you all up there..
    Stay Safe…

  11. I’ll be checking in here and on fb all through the day hoping you can get messages to us, telling us you are okay.
    Good luck, dear friend.

  12. Yes please let us know as soon as you are through it…


  13. I’ll take my -30 degrees C temps! Hold down the fort (& the quilts, don’t forget the quilts!) Take care! Post once things are calmer! We’re thinking of you!

  14. Thinking of you up there. Hoping for safety for everyone.

  15. Kay

    Thinking of you.
    Stay safe.
    (It sounds so lame but I have nothing else to offer….)
    Will be eagerly awaiting news that you are all safe and well.

  16. We are thinking of you. We’re hearing the dire predictions on the news over here and are very much hoping you all stay safe and well. Let us know when you know you’re OK!

  17. I’m sending out ‘keep safe’ thoughts to the universe for you. Please let us all know as soon as you can that you’re okay.

  18. Stay safe Tracey. Like dottiecookie, I’m watching the news and thinking of you and your family and friends.

  19. Thinking of you until we hear from you next!

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