When You Walk in the Room

Twenty-Four Years.

And still – when you walk in the room I know my life’s never gonna be bad…


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40 responses to “When You Walk in the Room

  1. Gosh, twenty-four you lovebirds! Congratulations, here’s to the next 24.

  2. h&b

    That image is the epitome of a class 1987 wedding.

    So cute and gorgeous and puffy sleeves, carnations and soft pink and big smiles.

    Congratulations to the Sweethearts 😉

  3. So young, so beautiful! Congratulations to you both!

  4. Congratulations! How cute you love birds!

  5. Much love to you both today.

  6. How very lovely…and…I know just what you mean.

  7. Congratulations to you both. You both look like kids in that photo.

  8. Awwww, congratulations! I feel all misty eyed now…

  9. Love the photo!
    Happy Anniversary to You. I wish you many, many more.

  10. Congratulations! Don’t you both look lovely!

  11. You both got a good deal. Congratulations.

  12. I just re-read that and thought it might have come across as meaning you each got a bargain, but what I MEANT was that you are both wonderful people and amazing together.

  13. congratulations both xoxoxo lots of love. p.s tracey, pip looks so much like you here.

  14. So lovely. Look at those whipper snappers in that car. Congratulations to you both xxx

  15. Fairlie

    Happy anniversary!

  16. What a FABULOUS post. Loving it to bits. Also because you have reminded me to come over all anniversary proactive (before we both forget again – cripes)…

  17. Awww … gorgeous! Congratulations.

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