New Duds

As the leading bid for the Millie Molly Dolly bag auction grows larger I have begun to feel that she really requires something special.

In searching through my fabric stash I found some denim look quilting fabric.

So today I made her a few extra outfits that my Pete likes to call “The Denim Range”.

The winner of the auction will find ELEVEN outfits tucked inside the bag for Millie Molly. Not one of these outfits will ever require ironing. Perfect!

Don’t forget to visit Toni’s blog to see the master list of auctions and raffles. Last week the flood appeal auctions had raised over $45 000. That is astounding!

The Millie Molly Dolly bag auction is heading towards its final hours. It will close at 9pm tomorrow. Don’t miss out…

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One response to “New Duds

  1. Oh I wish I had the money for that bag!

    I love the denim range!

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