Pleasing an Architect

Buy him a big box of lego for Christmas…

include a long and complex spiral bound book of instructions…

find him the blocks he needs for each step…

then watch the building develop.

It took us two nights, sitting at the table together, sorting and finding blocks to create a lego version of an architectural icon.

Our finished version looks like this:

I wish I had been as clever as these people who photographed every step and posted it to youtube.

I suggested to my Pete that we should pull ours apart so that I could photograph each step.

He said, “No.”


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7 responses to “Pleasing an Architect

  1. This was on my Christmas wishlist, but it didn’t find its way to my house. Looks fabulous!

  2. Ummm…did you notice that the video had a couple of pieces left when it was supposedly finished? Did that happen to you? 🙂

  3. Hmmm… Now I know why I didn’t become an architect! I never enjoyed lego! I’ve tried to entice my girls with lego but no luck! I guess the next generation must also be architect-less in our house too! I admire those who do play with lego! It takes patience & talent!

  4. What a perfect gift for him!

  5. Great stuff – but really just inquiring about your health and welfare …. are you in a flooded area like the rest of QLD?

  6. Every year we say we are going to buy that set for K. This year he got a camera.
    Next year!

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