Clean and Tidy

As 2010 drew to a close I was overwhelmingly busy.

Between organising an exhibition, re-issuing all of my patterns on CD and setting up a website I also made quilts, quilted quilts for others, finalised HUGE amounts of work for my real job and organised Christmas. By the last week of this year I was exhausted.

I enjoy being busy and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment for all of the items I ticked off my to-do list during this time. However, there is a downside. Along the way I created a huge mess. Things that should have been put away were placed precariously on tottering piles of other things that should have been put away. It was stifling my creativity to be working in such a mess.

SO… I had a huge clean up. It has taken me three days and the trailer is full of rubbish that my Pete is about to take to the dump. I really should be ashamed of the chaos that was created, but instead I’m endlessly impressed with my shiny, tidy studio.

Now I can sew with a calm, creative mind.


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26 responses to “Clean and Tidy

  1. What a huge studio!! Enjoy creating in your tidy space. I did a big clean up too – it makes all the difference!

  2. Eleanor

    what a gorgeous room, jealous jealous jealous! no wonder you churn out so much lovliness 🙂

    • This is very true. Having a space to spread out allows my mind to be creative. I’ve half finished a quilt this morning that I found cut and ready to go in a pile of fabric. Back to churning!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful space to create in – I’m rather green with envy!

  4. Awesome (clean) room. =)

  5. I’m impressed with your clean and tidy studio… fancy coming over to sort mine out? I’m unable to see the floor or any surface and so I’m currently working in the living room.

  6. Oh my. Your studio is bigger than the ground floor of my entire house.

    I think I am slightly in love with your room!

  7. Don’t do any work in that studio! You’ll mess it up!!!

  8. I can see me on that lounge, bum in the air as I hang over the back of it watching you work. I reckon that would be a blast!

    • Sounds like lots of fun. Although, you might want to know that the couch faces the doorway.

      • Well yeah, I can see that. But picture this (you may need acid in your eyes afterwards to remove the image)… me, on my knees, on the lounge, leaning over the back of it watching you work. A cup of tea that you so graciously made me in one hand, a cupcake made by Ashleigh in the other. I would be full of advice for you, because of couse you know I am an expert at everything but capable of nothing. There would be cake crumbs all over your work from where it has spat out of my mouth as I spoke. You would be wishing they had stricter border controls at the Qld/NSW border. Then after I left, you would blog about my visit and how much you enjoyed it and wished I didn’t have to go…

        Because you are nice like that. 🙂

  9. Wanna come do mine? I too work better when my space is tidy and organized. It calms me.

  10. Whenever my dh complains about how my craft room (which I share with 3 others plus a computer plus filing cabinet) is bigger than his railway room, I’ll show him this post. I have it on my favorites for posterity!

  11. Gee you haven’t messed about and made good use of these rainy days.
    What a lovely space ypu’ve created, and your new website looks gorgeous. Nice work x

  12. Right after my next crisis I am going to have a massive tidy up too!!
    Well done you!
    Hope 2011 holds all your heart can handle, in the way of goodness and love.XX

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