(and maybe lemonade, one day)

Take two lemon trees…

and two big blue pots.

Add a boy on holidays who needs a job to do…

a little fatherly advice…

and some canine supervision.

And hopefully in the near future we’ll have lemons.

No pressure though, little trees. Take your time.


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11 responses to “Lemons

  1. Does Pip know he’ll be required to wee on the trees every so often? The tree in our front garden never fruited until we sent the boys out to ‘water’ it.

  2. We have a potted lime tree, it took 5 years to yield but it gave us 100 limes in one year — and you have better weather for it!

  3. I am envious! We could never grow citrus trees of any type! Think of all the lemonade to come!

    • You know the funny thing – in Australia lemonade is not what you drink. We call Sprite and drinks that are clear, sugary and carbonated “lemonade”. The other stuff would just be lemon juice.

  4. Here’s some useless (for you) information.

    Today I harvested 1.5kg Riberries (also known as Lilly Pilly berries) from our tree (leaving at least twice that on the tree), and made Riberry cordial!

    I am waiting for it to cool to taste it, but it looks great!

    There is NOTHING better than making food or drinks from something that has grown in your own backyard. I wish you much lemonade!

  5. And…in answer to your reply to Maureen, when I was in America many years ago, some people I was staying with made me “their” lemonade, and I have to say, it was one of the best things I have ever tasted! Lot of sugar in it though! (lots in the Riberry cordial I just made too).

    • I certainly did like the lemonade I drank while I was in the USA, but it had novelty value to us. I don’t think I could drink it all the time in the same way that I couldn’t drink lemonade all the time here. I hope you are going to post some photos of your cordial. I am imaging it to be a bright pink. Is it?

  6. What a lovely summery lot of pictures. Here we have snow AGAIN. I too wish you much lemon fruitiness in the coming years.

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