Things You Don’t Want to Hear…

AFTER you have had a shower.

My Pete: Man! Did you see the size of that spider on the ceiling of the bathroom? Biggest one I’ve ever seen.

Why, oh why, didn’t I check the ceiling??


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10 responses to “Things You Don’t Want to Hear…

  1. OMG. I think you know by now how much I understand what you are saying here. My gut clenched and I now feel nauseous on your behalf. I even think I may have to go and lie down for a minute…

  2. I’m almost fearful of the photo. All the icky things I can think of seem to be magnified 1000 times in Australia. Whenever I contemplate leaving this cold climate, one of my warm-weathered friends reminds me why I need to stay put!

  3. I too am so grateful that there was no photograph. And I can only think it would be a bonus not to have looked at the ceiling.

  4. augh! I hate when that happens. What’s with spiders and showers?

  5. At least your spider wanted to be clean. That’s why he chose your house and your bathroom and how thoughtful of your Pete to note the size of it for you after the fact!

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