Today was my last day of work. I don’t have to go back for almost six weeks. I am ten kilograms lighter. (Please note: given the consumption of Christmas chocolate over the last week that final statement is entirely metaphorical.)

Pip and I can now spend our time in useful pursuits such as discovering that a dog’s tongue bends backwards as it drinks.

Who knew???

This is going to be a great holiday!


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15 responses to “Holiday…

  1. Absolutely incredible. That is going to blow Pippy’s mind.

  2. We have a week to go, can NOT wait!

  3. Happy Holidays to you Tracey. Another 5 days of school left here before a 3 week break. Can’t wait to do stuff with the 6 year old.

  4. Six weeks off. Why didn’t I go into teaching?

    It is a useful pursuit to learn how dogs drink & post it on your blog! I learned something new today!

  5. Enjoy your holidays! Those houses are very cute!

  6. Hurray! Any more science facts you can share?

  7. I always wondered how they get the water to STAY in! Not that I’ve tried it or anything, but it would seem like a pretty labor intense way to get a drink, the lapping, slurping of water? I’m appreciating my cups more watching that.

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