Green Birds for a Blackbird

It was noted by someone very observant that you can hear birds screeching in the background of my previous video.

These are the lorikeets who make daily – and all day long – visits to our yard at this time of year.

They feast greedily on the nectar in the blossoms of the Euodia and River Cherry trees that are native to this area of Australia. These trees also attract big, beautiful, bright blue butterflies and, at night…, they’re full of bats.

These birds are cheeky and noisy, they screech to each other from the front yard to the back yard. They generally ignore us and continue feasting and screeching if we are in the yard.

I took a little video footage, but my ipod has no zoom, so you might have to watch it twice to actually see the bird amongst the glossy green leaves. I was standing right outside my front door when I took this video. In fact, right at the end you can hear my Pete open the door behind me.

Now you can see why they are so noisy, even from inside the house!


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13 responses to “Green Birds for a Blackbird

  1. I love the noises made by lorikeets and rosellas, they are funny and a bit crazy as well.

  2. And white cockatoos, as destructive as they are the little buggers, they are hilarious to watch!

    We have some pigeons around here, you know the racing ones?

    Each day, they go out for a fly in circles, 20, 30 times before returning to their cages.

    The other day, I heard an almighty racket, and there were 2 white cockies, flying with the pigeons, taking shortcuts in the circle as if racing them, making a lot of screeching and doing roll overs but staying in the general formation of the pigeons. It was so funny to watch!!

  3. You lucky devil – what a thrilling sight and wonderful sound!
    Thank you!

  4. What a pretty (albeit noisy) bird!

  5. How wonderful and exotic! We have nothing so colourful in the UK

  6. Why is it the the prettier the bird, the more ugly the song? I love my hummingbirds, but their little cries are so rusty! Thankfully not as loud as your lorikeets! They are delightfully exotic to my eyes though!

  7. I have no idea what sound a hummingbird would make!

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