Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

Philip and I made a video together.

I talked and sewed and he filmed it. It’s a video to help with the making of the clothes for Millie Molly.

Do you see a career for us in the DIY, home improvement and craft network?

Perhaps I should send my number to Martha Stewart…

The video is posted in the Need Help? tab on the Peppermint Patch Quilts website.


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9 responses to “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

  1. Wait. Stop.
    I do love this project, though I’m not a quilter (and my machine does not zip backwards and forwards like that!). But what’s that racket in the background? Are those BIRDS chirping away?!

  2. My sewing machine is supposed to do stitching like that but I’m not made that way. Good tutorial!

  3. Entertaining and informative – love it!

  4. I’m loving all your videos! Very clear instructions too.

  5. Great Video..I am yet to master this way of stitching..TFS

  6. Ha!! Easy done, I have already made 3 sets…

    Oh wait, that was me DREAMING!

    How about you start selling them seeing you are so smart and talented?

  7. Nice cinematography. I think Pip focused in nicely on the work. Excellent narration as well. You make it seem so easy. Sigh….

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