Exhibition Report

Oh, what a fabulous night I had!

First of all, let’s set the scene. Let me take you on a tour of the room once it was set up and before guests arrived:

(the forgotten quilt is called Hurry, Santa.)

There were lots of people who came to see my quilts. People I knew, who came to offer their support, and people I had never met, who came just to see my quilts.

They all snacked on delicious food:

(with better skills I would have edited the two videos together…)

I chatted to people, I spoke to the lovely Flo who surprised me with a call all the way from the UK and I made a speech which was funny and charming. I did not, however, remember to give Pip the camera during my speech, so you’ll have to just take my word for the funny and charming bit.

Thank you to Kirsty for allowing me the opportunity to exhibit at Pompom Rouge. Thank you to Ashy and Pip who cooked and baked for days to prepare a delicious peppermint treat table. Thank you to my mother who did some stunt quilting for me in the last few weeks when it became obvious that I would not manage to get everything out of my head and into reality in time.

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

After the exhibition I was exhausted. Four weeks of frantic preparations and one night of nervous energy caught up with me all at once.

It was the best kind of exhaustion.


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33 responses to “Exhibition Report

  1. Oh well done! How gorgeous they look in the gallery — fabulous colours. And a treat to see the video, so it was a little bit like being there for those of us who’d have loved to be!
    Congratulations. So glad it has been such a success for you _ though there was never any doubt on my part!

  2. Your Quilts looked Great on Display…Congratulations on what looked like a Good Night…

  3. Ok I am happy now.

    I have been waiting for this report and now I can relax…it looks glorious our Trace..

  4. Three words for you – you are awesome.

  5. Glad to hear your exhibition was a huge success! Well done.

  6. The thing I loved most of all was the way your family pulled together to support you. Congratulations xx

  7. So pleased it was a success Tracey. Hope you get a bit of a rest now!

  8. Congratulations – it is a huge effort and I’m sure very stressful – but also it must be very rewarding to see all of your year’s work displayed together – an excellent accomplishment!

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  10. aw, you sound like such a proud mum talking about the food. i can just imagine how tasty it all was. btw, tried making peppermint creams. used about 500g of caster suger and about 1/2 can of condensed milk- i know there’s plenty of this at your house, so thought that might have been what ashley used. and dipped them in chocholate. thanks for baking inspiration ashley.

  11. maybe ashley could be a guest poster one day and share some of these recipes?

  12. Great exhibit! How wonderful for you!

    I can only imagine what stunt quilting entails. I’m not sure whether a vehicle with a quilt hanging out of the trunk and attached to a sewing machine is involved but I am pretending it does. I can just imagine the sparks from the sewing machine now…

  13. I am sure it was a fabulous night! What lovely fun quilts.

  14. Fairlie

    How fantastic. What great effort all round, especially from the peppermint Patcher herself!

    did you happen to take any video of your mum ‘stunt-quilting’? It could be a whole new category of extreme sport on YouTube.

  15. Congratulations, peppermint patcher. I’m hopeless at leaving comments, because I read through my google reader and keep forgetting to come out and talk, but I just love your work and the exhibition is inspiring. And yay! for people who cooked and quilted to help you.

  16. Congratulations! And particularly well done on the “My Pete” quilt, it looks really lifelike! 🙂

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