Millie Molly Dolly Bag

Well… today I do have a completed post to show you, although after the introduction Imogen gave to this pattern, I’m afraid it will be a let down.

Here is the Millie Molly Dolly Bag.

Peek inside to see her little outfits.

Here they are laid out for show. I love the fabric range, called Bliss, that has been used to make them. It was the perfect choice. It’s girly without being too pink.

You can’t begin to imagine how much I have enjoyed making these.

You can see more photos on the Peppermint Patch Quilts facebook page or on my flickr photostream.

You can even buy a pattern on etsy, then make your own and call it Imogen…


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12 responses to “Millie Molly Dolly Bag

  1. That is just the cutest idea and I wish I had a little girl to make one for! Especially a gorgeous little girl like Imogen… didn’t she do a terrific job!

  2. Imogen demo’ed it perfectly!

  3. Gorgeous! It is such a cool idea. A dress up doll AND a place to keep the dresses. Love it.

  4. Tracey.

    Listen to me.

    Me and Melinda, we want one of these.

    But you know we can’t do it ourselves.

    Posting the PATTERN on etsy is no good to us.

    You may as well post a banana sandwich for all the good it would be to Melinda, come to think of it, by the time it got to me it would be totally useless as well.

    You need to make up some of these and sell them. Seriously. You do. What else do you have to do with your time anyway?

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