Part of a Post

Generally I don’t do this.

Usually I work hard to get all of the elements of a post together, then publish them all at once.

This is part of a post. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t keep this delight to myself…

Today I was bringing together the elements that I need to release my new pattern. I asked my niece to present this little bag to you.

I thought it was a simple task. I didn’t fully appreciate how very seriously she would take it.

After wardrobe selection and having her hair done we had a brief discussion about what I would ask of her, then I started the camera.

I had expected a few takes, a few stumbles, a few nerves, but this is what I got on the very first take.

It melts my heart and fills my cup with happiness.

It is a joy…


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37 responses to “Part of a Post

  1. She’s a natural film star!

  2. she is just adorable!!! actually they both are, the little girl and the bag with the dress up dolly!

  3. Awww, what a little cutie! And a natural in front of the camera. Brilliant!
    I think your Milly Molly idea is a winner, too.

  4. Oh my heavens, that was so wonderful. Imogen is quite a doll, herself!

  5. Crystal

    Just a big 🙂

  6. Gorgeous. 🙂

    I have an Imogen too. Tell her mother to hang onto her hat. lol

  7. Oh, well presented Imogen. I loved your idea Tracey. Little girls will just love it.
    Does she have accessories?

  8. I could not picture either of my kids being as self-possessed and confident as that in front of camera! What a hoot. Watch out, she is so professional she’ll have to start charging you soon.

  9. I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with Imogen!

  10. She stole that show. Can’t imagine where she gets all that self-confidence? 😀

    Love the Milly Molly doll. Soooooo much better than the paper dolls of my memory, whose little tabs were always tearing and the clothes would NOT stay on. Love it.

  11. Watch out! Imogen will be doing commercials and/or television stints on a show soon! What composure! She is just darling!

    (PS: Your interviewing skills were sweet too! You are such a great aunt!)

  12. I watched this with a big smile on my face, that kid is great!

    Being ever mindful of the trouble I would get into if I was to use LOL or anything (that Melinda polices these blogs with a big stick) I have to say, I was Laughing out Loud. I was!!

    Where can we buy those bags? Imogen left that part out. Of course, you know, I am totally incapable of making one.

    • I did not laugh once at the time that I was filming. She was very serious about the task. Afterwards when I watched it back I did have a little chuckle of pride.

      It is not outside the realms of possibility that I may eventually have a spare one to be sold…

  13. The adorable Imogen has totally stolen my heart.

    (I noticed that there were a lot of dresses to go shopping in … MissM would approve)

  14. Sheye

    Made me smile 🙂
    Gorgeous girl.

  15. she is a doll! and just amazing!! i have to keep watching- it’s just so great.

  16. LOVE everything about this! The bag, the doll, the name, the girl, FUN!!!

  17. This was ADORABLE! :-} She did such a great job. wow you couldn’t ask for a better spokesperson to do your advertising. I loved it.

  18. Imogen is an absolute cracker/sweetpea/starlet. You couldn’t have cast that promo better if you tried!

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