It’s My Neighbourhood

Today I’d like to show you my neighbourhood.

Here it is…

This little quilt, just three streets wide, represents so much about my own life.

In the first street you can see… Hang on, why don’t I just tell you about it, rather than write about it.

You can view an etsy listing to purchase a pattern here.


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24 responses to “It’s My Neighbourhood

  1. I want to live in your neighborhood!

  2. Oh. How. Utterly. Fab.

    When can we move in??

  3. Nicest neighbourhood evah, and not a cane toad in sight!

  4. Ashleigh goes everywhere! I loved your quilt narrative!

  5. Fantastic! And you didn’t even make any mistakes or get the giggles when you were narrating!

  6. Oh I can hear you! That’s fabulous and a little spooky. I can hear some exotic-sounding birds too.

    This design is a surefire winner. I love it.

  7. Love it! And all the more special having you talk about it – nice to hear you!

  8. I love the colours in the background fabric and how clever of you to choose it for background in the first place. What a gorgeous, fun quilt – I’m sure it will be a winner!!

  9. Gorgeous!! Lovely quilt, lovely tour. I’d love to visit your neighborhood (and your book shop).

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