Not Quite Finished

Lady beetles are still demanding my attention with their spotty red loveliness.

The addition of a row of red ric-rac makes my heart beat a little faster…

and the checks on the back make me think of picnics.

It’s all yumminess!


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19 responses to “Not Quite Finished

  1. That is indeed picnic fabric!

    Lovely ladybeetles…or ladybugs…I never know what to call them?

  2. A real masterpiece – love it all, the ric rac, polka dots, and of course the sweet ladybugs.

  3. I’m with you on the skipping beat heart thing – as well as the reversible picnic quilt. Loving your work, lady.

  4. Polka dots AND ric rac. Of course that makes your heart beat faster!

  5. The ric rac is so sweet!

  6. looking great! so much of my favourite types of red material combined into one quilt!!

  7. Rhu

    It’s coming together so prettily. What are your plans for it when it’s finished?

  8. The red ricrac just finishes it. Gorgeous

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